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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Have You Signed up to the Epic Games Store?


Have You Signed up to the Epic Games Store?

Yes 192 19.67%
Not yet, but I will 54 5.53%
Not yet, and I'm not sure if I will 135 13.83%
No, not interested 595 60.96%
pokoko said:
Chazore said:

Makes me even sicker when said people citing fanboys, are willing to defend bad practices and anti-consumerism. 

Just because you want something, doesn't mean you have to throw away everything to get it you know. having standards is nice to have, than having nothing and having to belittle others because you wish everyone's standards to lower to ones own. 

That, and people are allowed to just not sign up to a storefront you have you know?. If it makes you sick about people's decisions, then I think you need to rethink life in general, if that's what makes you sick.

Rethink life in general? Because I don't care where I buy a videogame?  Are you fucking serious?  That might be one of the most ridiculous and most pretentious things I've ever heard.  Holy cats, that was goofy.

And what the am I even throwing away?  What I'm not throwing away are games, which are kind of important components of the gaming hobby.  I don't know, maybe that's just me.      

If you really cared about standards, if you really cared about bad practices and anti-consumerism, you'd be criticizing Valve, too.  Instead, you're just acting like a ... well, you know.  Enjoy your storefront.  Sign up or don't sign up, I don't don't care either way.  What I care about are people like you climbing up on soapboxes and preaching down to others.  Get over yourself and stop trying to gatekeep PC gaming.

Because you feel "sick", that other people decided to voice their opinion on not wanting to sign up to a storefront, let alone not being interested in the first place. Why does it bother you so much, that people hold different standards and principles than you do?.

"are you fucking serious?". I could ask you the same.

The "makes me kinda sick" was pretentious enough. Holy shit is it childish to assume we have to do things your way.

What I meant by throwing away, was having standard, opinions and principles. 

"you'd be criticizing Valve too", no, I do that when they screw up as big as the time they tried to side with Bethesda on paid mods. That was their fuckup and they learned from that, while Bethesda did not. If you think Epic aren't being anti-consumer, or that both Epic and Valve are 100% exactly the same, then I'll have to ask on why and when you think they were created as "equals". 

"you're just acting like A", no, please do finish the sentence.

*I'll* enjoy where I shop, and it isn't just Steam, it's, GoG, Origin and Steam. At least GoG tries to update their client and leaves it entirely optional. Meanwhile Epic don't even want to implement a proper built in forum for proper communication between devs and consumer, as well as giving devs the "option" to use the ticket support system, a system which is important for consumers to make use of, but according to good guy Tim, that isn't as important to make it a thing, and not "optional". Do you think that's pro-consumer, do you think that's objectively good for me, for all of us, to just forgo what Steam does and then turn around and claim "no one cares/doesn't need it"?.

You clearly do care who signs up where, otherwise you wouldn't have made that "makes me feel sick" remark. 

Why don't you stop trying to soapbox yourself and preaching to the opposite crowd for once?.

Why don't you stick your nose from where it doesn't reside?.

CladInShadows said:

Has anyone actually used the phrase "entitled whales"?

I've seen devs call others "entitled", and we've known for a while now that publishers do see consumers as "whales", so a combo of the two becomes something, not entirely said in one sentence, but it's obvious as to how consumers are seen, regarding consumer backlash. 

Step right up come on in, feel the buzz in your veins, I'm like an chemical electrical right into your brain and I'm the one who killed the Radio, soon you'll all see

So pay up motherfuckers you belong to "V"

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Once they offer service better than steam, people will consider using them. But as of it now, they are the only company that managed to offer worse experience than Nintendo back in Wii U era.