Forums - Sony Discussion - Atlus about Persona 3/4 remasters. P5 Added to PlayStation Hits Lineup ($19.99)

Darwinianevolution said:
KazumaKiryu said:

Persona 5 Added to PlayStation Hits Lineup, Available for $19.99
Twitter usa:

This is a really good offer if you're mildly interested (..)

Thank you, but I've had it since release, it's a JRPG-Masterpiece and has the best characters / story / gameplay of the last few years for me. i have 205 playhours, if I remember correctly. i bought it today for a friend, he got a PS4 on Saturday with God of War and Spiderman. And he just has to experience this fantastic game! Wish you a great week! =)

The Last of Us 2, so beautiful <3