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Forums - Movies Discussion - Joker (Batman, starring Joaquin Phoenix) Teaser Trailer released!


Do you like what you see?

Looks great! 8 34.78%
Looks good. 6 26.09%
Looks meh... 5 21.74%
Looks awful... 4 17.39%
Where is Batman? 0 0%
Is that Domino from Deadp... 0 0%

Batman Universe tries to copy Marvel once again.

Now with their own Dark (Joaquin) Phoenix film.

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

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Well, things just got interesting, the Aurora theater where the infamous James Holmes TDKR shooting occurred won't show Joker.

Oh and it gets worse: parents of the shooting victims issued a letter blaming WB for inciting violence with the movie. So now we have people telling us grown ass men what we can and can't watch, great.

Look, I get it, they're sensitive to movies that feature mass murderers because of what happened, but blaming violent movies and video games for causing violence (I'm looking at you, Donnie Dumb Dumb) is exactly why this issue will not be remedied, and it's already been proven they DO NOT cause violence.

Phoenix said it best in his response, it's not the filmmaker's job to teach morality. They're there to tell stories, nothing more, nothing less. If movies (which are works of FICTION, last I checked) were meant to illustrate moral lessons, then they couldn't show people cheating on their spouses, people cheating on their taxes, teachers having inappropriate relations with students (there actually WAS a movie about a female teacher having a relationship with an underaged boy IIRC, where was the outrage by the moral police then, huh?), people running red lights, people jaywalking, the list goes on.

I have my boundaries when it comes to movies, I don't like gross-out/torture porn movies; movies that are gross just for the sake of grossing out (Hostel, Human Centipede, Captivity, A Serbian Film, etc.), but even I don't go around pretending like THC encourages doctors to perform sick medical experiments on patients or Hostel encourages sick death games or A Serbian Film encourages rape, pedophilia, necrophilia, torture and shit-eating, and these plot points literally serve NO other purpose than to be nauseating. It's just people desperately looking for something to be outraged by and a simple scapegoat.