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Forums - Music Discussion - Post underappreciated videogame soundtracks.

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Legacy of Goku 2 on the GBA has a fantastic rendition of the Bruce Faulconer soundtrack, and some good original tracks too.

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Anything from the Gust Co. Sound Team. Be it Atelier, Nights of Azure, Ar nosurge, even more obscure shit from them, anything they do is always filled with a masterful OST, they tackle so many styles and I'm hard pressed to find a single song that isn't really good from them. As a whole for RPG music for me, they are unrivaled.

My yutube channel if you go to my playlist I have a bunch of them

amazing Xbox 360 exclusive song for a Shmup

Cute song

Beginning of this song has hooks

Sega arcade song goes great with gameplay 1st place

Best Forza song my opinion right next to Sega's super gt

Start at 0:37 this exclusive genesis song is magical

Sounds cute

This song yummy

Start at 1:08 song below bad ass

Amazing song under

Amazing song already niche

Start at 0:44 this version of game sound track is nicher than kof 2002 regular version and yes both regular and unlimited match have entirely different soundtracks this song is extremely rare below

Gonna post this song from other thread in here too I love phantasy star online music

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