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Forums - PC Discussion - Fallout 76, Doom Eternal, Rage 2, and Wolfenstein: Youngblood are all coming to Steam - Bethesda declares for Valve

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shikamaru317 said:
Glad that Bethesda didn't take any of Epic's tainted money to go Epic Store Exclusive.

I'm not so sure, they could still take money or make a deal with them within the remaining 1-2 weeks before launch. Outer Worlds devs didn't even know about the deal that was made, until 4 hrs into it. Anything could happen at this point, which is why I'm going to wait until these games launch on Steam, during week one and then I'll make my purchase then.

I also hope they don't pull a Ubisoft and force you to install their client, because beth's client is by far the absolute bottom barrel client going right now.