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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Google Stadia will succeed... and here is why


Will Stadia succeed?

It will crash and burn. 35 37.23%
It will slowly but steadily grow. 32 34.04%
It will explode. 4 4.26%
I don't know yet, need to know more. 23 24.47%
VAMatt said:
I don't know about Stadia in particular. But, I am nearly certain that game streaming in some form will succeed within the next decade or so. The real appeal that I see is the ability to truly play console quality games on any device, and to carry that game between devices.

As a father of a young child, my ability to sit in front of the TV for a long period to play something is pretty limited. But, I find myself playing stupid mobile games much more often than I used to, as I frequently have 10-20 mins free while mom is feeding him, he's dozed off, etc. If I could jump into Assassins Creed and knock out a couple side missions on my phone or tablet, I probably would. That possibility is what has me really excited about streaming.

Of course, somebody has to make the technology work well. If it sucks, streaming won't take off, at least not in a big way. But, if Google, MS, or anybody else have really managed to make streaming work, I think it is a near certainty that it will succeed.

Note that the success of streaming does not necessarily mean the end for traditional console or PC gaming. It may mean that in the long run, or it may not. It certainly doesn't mean that in the short run.

I agree with that it will not affect much the traditional consoles. In the presentation Google made clear they are aiming for people who are currently not or seldomly play, because it is currently too inconvenient. Sure, they will take the current gamers who are interested, or people who played in the past but now have time constraint and can only play in short bursts and only if they can play wherever they are (as you describe). But their main target seem to be people usually not playing.

That's why I see the doubters n this thread as gamers bias. Here in the forums are current gamers that are OK with the current setup you need to play. This forum doesn't contain people who might play in the future if the tech is more accessible.

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Screenshot said:
The last Blockbuster is about to close. EB Games/ Gamestop is headed in the same direction. Still years away, however.

Actually, the last Blockbuster's owners say it's not about to close. But movie rentals never went away because of Netflix, et al. It's just that Blockbuster, Movie Gallery, etc., became too expensive of an option compared to the alternatives, and those older companies refused to change their business model and practices. Brick & mortar establishments were replaced by vending machines like Redbox (which were around years before Blockbuster went under). Those machines have vastly lower overhead, can be put in more locations, and lower costs meant cheaper rental fees. I think Blockbuster might have survived if they changed up their business model. B&M locations were able to carry a far wider selection of stuff than a vending machine (Redbox's selection is pitiful compared to the Blockbusters of yore), so they could have survived so long as they weren't overextended and put in too many places,(and underperforming ones were closed), but they needed to have reduced rental fees (with less punitive late fees) and the stores needed to be supplemented with rental kiosks and through-the-mail rentals, which were eating into traditional rentals at B&M locations.

As for GameStop, if they are in trouble, it's only because of the fickle stock market. In terms of revenue, they have remained steady for years. They don't appear to be dying off, even with digital's share of software having grown (and there's no reason to assume said share must necessarily continue to grow).

TranceformerFX said:
dharh said:

I dunno.  I got a PS4 Pro and I don't intend to get a 4K TV for quite a while.  Probably not until the PS5/XBoxTwo is mid life.

A 4K TV can be had for $500 - $600. What are you waiting for? It probably won't have great HDR but 4K TV's are alot more affordable than they were 5 years ago.

I am waiting for a viable 32 inch cheap as hell 4k.

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Azelover said:

This will be a long process.

Google will build the infrastructure, and in about 5 years, this thing will eat up the whole market. And they'll be the ones with the most gas going. More developers on board, more money, and games made specifically for this kind of thing.

It kind of reminds me of the PlayStation. New games are gonna come that are tailor made for this kind of thing. And then in the future, most genres will be playable in a decent fashion. Nintendo will survive, because all of their power comes from within. Microsoft will do well, because they are software and service based, and will likely develop an alternative service that does the same thing.

Sony however, is FUCKED... in my opinion. Because their feet will be tied to the hardware side of things, and this will greatly diminish their ability to do this well.

Sony innovated with Playstation Now long before. Besides nobody knows if Sony is right now getting ready to do the same thing. They just don't need to hurry.

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I need to see price model and thirdie support first, but it's an interesting experiment that I believe Sony and others will take notes and offer some option like that.

Still, consoles are the best option for most people due to the fact that they don't need to be online all the time.

Perhaps this will target youngsters from big cities with fast internet to waste that don't own any console.

God bless You.

My Total Sales prediction for PS4 by the end of 2021: 110m+

When PS4 will hit 100m consoles sold: Before Christmas 2019

There were three ravens sat on a tree / They were as blacke as they might be / The one of them said to his mate, Where shall we our breakfast take?