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Dark_Lord_2008 said:

Dating sites are dead ends for the majority of men because most women just go there to play games, get attention, and never reply or meet anyone.

Unless you can come up with a way to make women stop acting so silly and delusional at these dating sites, your site won't last long. Think about it, the #1 problem men have at dating sites is getting women to respond to a message, so how on earth will you get a significant number of them to go on an actual date?

In a different time, before Tinder, and before Instagram and Facebook, this would've worked because women were different. They actually were more realistic and gave more men than just the top 20% a chance. But today, even the bottom tier woman is not responding to anyone who isn't a Chad. Women have made the dating game absolutely miserable, and a site based on meeting will never gain traction as long as women remain in this position.

Dating sites are not dead ends. In the last two years I have met about 7 women and only one not slept with. If that is all you are looking for it is pretty easy to find one night stands. Most of them I ended up going back for more. I am in a relationship now but if that ends I sure as hell will be going back on it. Do not want to name the site I used but it is the biggest free one which I am sure it is easy to figure out.

A few things though I will say. Out of the 7 I met only one was not nuts, we actually had a thing going for a good few months but age differences are a problem no matter what anyone says, she was nearly 18 years older than me. Great times though. The other lot were off their rocker, one even told me she was pregnant for me to get used to the idea only to be told it was a joke.

If you like older women and are just even decent looking, no problem you will get it.

The way I look at it their is no shame in using them, if you just want some fun you can easily find it on them. Be warned though they are nuts. Another tip is if the women say in their profile, not looking for one nighters they generally are talking smack and they are.

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