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Who is Sony's main threat/competitor today?

Microsoft 17 19.10%
Nintendo 30 33.71%
A new Player (Google, Nvi... 6 6.74%
Sony 36 40.45%

Sony themselves is probably the right answer. It is gonna be hard for them to lose such dominance in the next-gen unless they screw up somehow. The mindshare is with playstation brand nowadays. Nintendo can and possibly will win over Sony in Japan, and Xbox can overtake them in US next gen but other than that, Sony should do pretty much the same if they continue to do what they've been doing this entire gen.


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If Sony continue their stupid policy about censorship, Microsoft & Nintendo will litteraly bury them on the next gen.

It's so funny when they tell the story of the Sony video game people have forgotten the portable scene. Sony lost twice from Nintendo in portable scene. And once on the stationary scene. The Sony gaming division never had the net profit scale that Nintento had in the era of the Wii / DS. Microsoft is rich, powerful, but it is a paper tiger in the video game market. Microsoft has never won the generation. Never. Apple tried it once and got its ass kicked in the video game market. Google is a big question mark. The real threat is Nintendo. Because Nintendo now has only one system, the same way as Sony. Nintendo has never lost in the portable market, now it will use that factor as a trojan horse for its hybrid.

They themselves are their own competitor and threat
Remember arrogant Sony in the Ps3 times




BraLoD said:
Sony is the only one able to screw Sony.

I came in to say this, found out I was late to the party

OT: regardless of what happens, IMO Sony differentiated itself well enough, that they won't have a real competitor in the near future. IMO next gen, they will easily ship another 100 million + systems, regardless of what the competition brings to the table. Their internal studios are so reliable, and franchises so strong, that people will buy into their offering. 

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