Forums - Gaming Discussion - Do you follow game streaming/let's play channels?

Used to watch a lot of chuggaaconroy back when I was like 13 years old.

I don't really watch live streams outside Smash tournaments, and the only let's play channel I watch semi-regularly nowadays is Super Gaming Bros.

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I watch a few let's plays a year, of games that I'm too lazy to play myself.

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Only gaming related channel I follow is: Cinemassacre/AVGN just for the AVGN videos - dont care for the rest in his channel.


Basil's YouTube Channel


Oh, just for the record, I follow one, DGR, because the host is charismatic and play something I'm not going to (custom Mario Maker levels etc.). Sometimes I watch those compilations of reactions to horror games etc. because they're really funny.






Not really, never understood their attraction if I'm honest. Watching other people play is very, very far down on my list of interests. I do sometimes use visual guides if I'm stuck in some game, finding an obscure item or hard secret location.