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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - LABO VR Kit - Video Overview released

Camera seems good. The "wind pedal" is terrible. Face blaster is weird. Trying to use paint tools with a cardboard elephant trunk is awful. Also, it's supposed to be "a bird's EYE view," not ... well, you know. Lots of throw-away shovelware but some of it looks interesting.

They should invest in the camera thing, I think it could be popular with a good amount of support and a lot of variety. Dinosaur safaris and alien planets, for example. However, they should really drop the "attached to your face" gimmick for some of this stuff.

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At first I found awful the idea of holding the googles with your hands all the time.
But I think is has a purpose: your hand start aching before you got 'motion sickness' from VR, so, it meant to be a few minutes, casual experience, and easy to stop.
Blaster and camera seems ok. Others not much.

But the star of the show is VR garage. Is a 3D block based programing kit. The possibilities are endless. The community around it can create wonderful experiences in VR (or not VR).
If it was able to share your creations with the world, I would get for sure.