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pokoko said:
CaptainExplosion said:

So basically a bunch of white trash man babies started trying to sabotage a movie just because the star pointed out they're a bunch of jerks.

Just another day on the internet. -_-

I've never actually seen anyone dodge a post to that degree.  I don't know if he's right or wrong but you just got owned by default.  

It's not my fault a bunch of man babies want to sabotage a movie because "WAAH!! SHE'S A FEMINIST!! ME NO LIKE FEMINISTS!! WAAH!!".

Just pointing out how people like that make the internet worse, among other things.

If you want me to address what irstupid said (Frankly I can't take him seriously if that's his username to begin with), fine, I will. The interest gauge is still a major part of making or breaking a movie. Plenty of movies have been praised by critics but audiences ignored them anyway, and sometimes that's because audiences just didn't want to see the movies in question.

Also, playing the "LYING MEDIA!!" card? Really? There's a difference between lying and misinterpreting, and they were just doing the latter.

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Due to this thread getting out of hand,a little testy and going a little too political. I think it's best to lock it for the time being. Apologies.

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