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Quite a few come to mind:

Donkey Kong - The first real villain.  You feel like you are battling King Kong on a skyscraper.
Mario - I love that they made Mario the villain in Donkey Kong Jr.  They don't do anything quite this bold anymore.
Metroid - The first time I really got scared in a video game was the first time I encountered a Metroid on the NES version.
Dracula - He's a great villain period, gaming or otherwise.  He's a villain that transcends any one medium.
Big Boss - Metal Gear on the NES was a decent game, but I really love the twist about who the real villain was.
Mike Tyson - When the NES Punch Out was released, he was the undefeated heavy weight champion.  On top of that he knocks you out with one punch.
Link's Shadow - After beating the final boss of the final dungeon in Zelda 2, you have to fight an even tougher boss: your own shadow.
Kefka - He may be the greatest villain on this list.  If you've played FFVI, then you know why.
Sephiroth - A villain to rival Kefka.  If you've played FFVII, then you know why.
Delita - FF Tactics has several great villains, but Delita may be my favorite.
Stan - Okage has only so-so gameplay mechanics, but the story and characters are awesome.  And Stan, the evil king, is the best of the lot.
GLaDOS - It's true.  This robot has a lot of personality.
Selvaria - She's the Valkyrie from Valkyria Chronicles.  She's invincible and you have to face her on the battlefield anyway.

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Vaas in Far Cry 3
Handsome Jack in Borderlands 2
Zinyak from Saints Row 4
Roy Earl in LA Noire
Kreia in KOTOR 2
Lucien in Fable 2
Dr. Robotnik in Sonic

curl-6 said:
NightlyPoe said:

I would say you win the thread, until I remembered the existence of Crapcom. :P

Crapcom ? are u F serious ?

sub-zero-TM said:
curl-6 said:

I would say you win the thread, until I remembered the existence of Crapcom. :P

Crapcom ? are u F serious ?

Quite serious. They have gone out of their way to screw over and neglect Switch owners basically every chance they get. That to me makes them a villain.

That said, my opinion is not set in stone; it's possible they could redeem themselves. Putting a proper Monster Hunter on Switch would be a good start.

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