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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Rate Nintendo's First Direct of 2019!


Rate Nintendo Direct 02/13/2019 out of 10

10 22 12.02%
9 57 31.15%
8 43 23.50%
7 24 13.11%
6 14 7.65%
5 7 3.83%
4 4 2.19%
3 3 1.64%
2 5 2.73%
1 4 2.19%

10/10 Why? Well sure, it didn't have Metroid Prime Trilogy, Pikmin 3 port, a Pikmin 4 tease, a Pokemon new gen reveal, an Animal Crossing, Luigi's Mansion, and Bayonetta 3 update, or Joker gameplay with a tease for the next character in the Smash segment, but holy shit, the announcements just kept coming and coming and coming and coming! They packed SO much into the time they had, and so much of it was really good, and even unexpected. We got more than one NEW, THIRD PARTY, SWITCH EXCLUSIVE IP! And they weren't even rumored or leaked or anything! And they look really cool! That's never happened in a Direct before, multiple third party games being not only exclusive to a Nintendo system, but being all new IPs to boot. Third party really feels alive on Switch now. I think the third party lineup was honestly a bit more impressive than the 1st party, Fire Emblem not withstanding (I recognize FE is not everyone's cup of tea, but even without it, I'd give this Direct a 9/10, 10/10 if they replaced it with an update to an equally critically acclaimed title like Animal Crossing or Pikmin). This Direct was more than I ever expected to get from a Direct. Now if this had been an E3 presentation, this number would be quite lower even with adjusted dates, as an E3 presentation would have to have contained Pokemon and Animal Crossing. But as a beginning of the year Direct? 10/10

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Platina said:
benji232 said:

My list of 2018 Nintendo published games is most definetely complete. I know, when you take a hard look at their releases in 2018, it's hard to believe. 

And if as a consumer of Nintendo, you encourage and don't mind those anti-consumer practices. Then yes, you don't respect yourself as a Nintendo consumer. Sorry to be so blunt.

As a self-and-others respecting Nintendo consumer, I don't really see how the 2018 1st party Switch lineup has anything to do with the February 2019 Nintendo Direct

My original rant was about captain toad DLC. This was obviously derailed.

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