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Forums - Sales Discussion - Kingdom Hearts 3 ships 5 million week 1

TheGamer_1995 said:
Mar1217 said:

Multiple 1st party games like Spidey, God of War and 3rd party games like COD, Red Dead II were averaging a dropduring the 2nd week of 50 %. Heck, it seems RE2 Remake had a way better drop than KH3.

I'm sorry, I actually meant big games for the Japanese market like FF, MH, DQ etc.

I'll give you some examples:

FFXV launched with 700k in Japan FW and its lifetime sales are a little over 1m as of now, so it had very bad legs not even doubling its FW sales afterwards.

Now let's take a look at how FFXV performed in the west, namely NA.

FFXV launched with around 700k in NA FW and has sold over 1.8m units as of now, meaning it almost tripled its FW sales in NA which shows great legs, quite the contrast to Japan.


Another example:


MHW launched with 1.3m units in Japan and has sold a little over 2m as of now, which means again its legs have not even doubled its FW sales in Japan.

MHW launched with 300k in NA and has sold a little over 1m units there as of now, which means it more than tripled its FW sales in that region thus indicating great legs for the game.

*All the numbers are provided by VGC and are retail only.

Do you get the picture now?

Japan is the exception  in this, not the norm.

That is how those games sell though. DQ doesn't have legs on any platform. FF doesn't have legs on any platform. They are targeted towards a fanbase that is well aware of them and buys them at launch. The more casual fans will buy used copies of those games (the used game culture in JP is far more kind to players as you can get a ton of your money back if you sell it back shortly after launch).

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