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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Furukawa: "Expanding the gaming population no longer fits the current situation"


Louie said:


zorg1000 said:


What is this Yoga Watch you speak of?

Best typo I've ever made lol

Haha I just now realized you meant Yokai Watch, I literally looked up Yoga Watch game and found some cheap DS yoga games and thought maybe they were making one for Switch.

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RolStoppable said:
outlawauron said: 

I was pretty surprised to see investors so upset with it. Switch is doing super well, and Nintendo doesn't feel the need to invest in mobile any more. 

What are you talking about?

Share price after they released numbers tanked. I think it was a gross overreaction. Nintendo did cut forecasts, but they're making so much profit.

ETA: Although it's up MoM, so it might just be a small correction.

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