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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Microsoft 2019 Super Bowl Ad: We All Win

Pretty awesome ad. This device had been around for a couple of years now. Finally it's getting some recognition.

That particular post has over 20 "agrees with"... Savage.

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Kerotan said:
EricHiggin said:
It's a thoughtful product, and good on MS for bringing it to market, but the ad feels more like a charity ad then a gaming ad. I mean an entire 2 minute spot and no games shown whatsoever?

It's more a PR exercise then an advertising campaign. They are looking to improve the image of their brand rather then make straight sales of this product. Obviously it will help it sell but it's a niche market.


As far as PR campaigns go this is a very good one.



This was taken the wrong way. Saying it's a niche market from an advertising point of view is a compliment to Microsoft because the financial reward from this is likely not big. Yet they are still putting in a great effort to help disabled gamers. That's great PR for the brand and image. 

You hit the nail on the head. They are doing a good thing, but this is one of the only good thinks they couldve marketed in years.

It's a great ad. Well done Microsoft, that product is really something amazing.

Cobretti2 said:
DonFerrari said:

I came to mock the "everybody win" because they are dead last. By the idea of the controller and the ad is great and the initiative from MS is fantastic, kudos.


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How is this ban worthy? hardly call it trolling

With a thread title like that I bet most of us did not expect to see that kind of commercial? If anything it was a nice surprise to see this new high tech controller that anyone can use.

Before I saw the video, I was thinking it be some sort of commercial about some new game that was more family oriented at home were you know we all can play together sitting in the living room (i.e. we all having fun there fore we all win).

Hell it could have been a new Madden ad with new game mechanics and a catchy new slogan.


I had the same questioning.

We mock companies failed PR, and that is what I expected and was genuinely surprised and happy, commended them on it. But well ok.

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Heartwarming video.

Refreshing to see a company focus on something other than gender and political correctness.