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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Game Freak needs to ditch 3ds era assets, texture works and etc.

flashfire926 said:
mZuzek said:

Kings at character design.

Honestly Incineroar isnt even that bad. I think people are still salty that the fire starter turned into a standing bipedal yet again, hence the hate.

No, Incineroar is that bad. I'm not one to get salty over fire starters because I always expect the worst from them. Incineroar isn't just your average underwhelming fire starter, it really is a fucking embarassment to the Pokémon franchise. It's not just a hideous looking design, it's all wrong. His proportions are all garbage, his fingers look like some boneless jelly, the whole thing is just terrible taste from top to bottom.

That isn't to say the other ones you posted are much better, but I wouldn't say any of them is as bad.

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What Game Freak needs is to expand a bit. Hire some people who understand 3D programming and character artists if they want to stay in 3D, it will be massively embarrassing for them if the next mainline Pokemon game suffers from the slowdowns, stutters or straight up bad engine building that every single game since the DS has.

Yeah as someone who doesn't play Pokemon and has no stake in the series, Incineroar is a pretty bad design.

I can only echo what a lot of others have already said, something should change going forwards as it is embarrassing for a series as high profile as Pokemon to be so technically subpar. Gamefreak really do seem to be a developer without the will or talent to do the IP justice.

In fact, given how crappy Town looks, I'd say they just seem like a bad developer period.

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