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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Imagine a game like Smash Bros...

pokoko said:
TheBraveGallade said:
Le problem is there ISN'T many PS or Xbox all stars.
Let's be honest here, how many chatecters from Sony or Microsoft first party can you think of that is say... Higher than Rosalina in terms of relevence on thier console?

Let's be even more honest and admit that Smash is full of characters most people won't know.  I certainly don't.  Playstation could easily do the same.  Smash has maybe five or six "stars" with their own games, characters that most players would know, then past that it's a lot of supporting actors and third party characters.  I don't really see an issue.  

Exactly. That's the reason why I think Sony could do the same with their IP's.

Ganoncrotch said:
Bristow9091 said:

They should seriously buckle down and take another crack at it if you ask me, although maybe not have such a questionable roster of  "all-stars", for example; Big Daddy... in no way would I EVER consider him a PlayStation all-star, lol.

I mean... look at the original Bioshock, it was literally an X360 exclusive for the first year of being on the market, it wasn't even on the system that considered him an All Star.


One thing that has to be said about PSASBR was that intro was pretty awesome the way it was put together.

That intro is really amazing (probably the best part of the game), especially the music is on point!