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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Game protagonist's who's Character you played whilst wishing all the while you could beat them with a big stick

The cast of Final Fantasy XIII was truly awful and the only explanation that I can think of for why they sucked so much is that the designers intentionally tried to create the worst bunch of characters ever. Or they were all hit really hard in their heads many times during the development process.

I'm also not surprised to see so many mention Emil from ToS2. I really wanted to strangle that good-for-nothing c*nt.

The VP in Citizens of Earth got many death threats sent to him from my general direction. Not so much because of his character or dialogue (he was actually kinda funny) but because of him interrupting the battles with tedious one-liners the whole damn time. Sure, I get that you won't do any fighting by yourself, and it's fitting that you'll just send everyone else to do the work for you, but for the love of f*ck could you please shut up!?

And, I kinda hate Luigi with a passion. When I played Luigi's Mansion my main thought was "God I hate Luigi", and when I played New Super Luigi U I had very similar thoughts pop up in my mind. He's a spineless, uncontrollable idiot and if my #1 wish is for a game where you get to collect and brutally destroy all copies of Hyper Dimension Neptunia, my #2 would be a game where you get to do all sorts of nasty things to Luigi while he cries to deaf ears.

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Duke Nukem from DNF also deserves a dishonorable mention; his crude, tryhard "baditude" was embarrassing and dated.

And Aidan Pearce from Watch Dogs for being so monumentally boring.

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I couldn´t even finish any GoW games just because I just couldn´t withstand his attitude.

 With that said, I´m actually looking forward to play the new one (or at least I´m gonna try).

All the characters in Sonic '06.
Everyone from Sonic, Shadow, and Silver all the way down to Amy were complete dipshits who had no idea what they were doing in a story that made me want to pull my hair out.

Platina said:
Luke from Tales of the Abyss, but at least he's redeemable

Unlike Emil from DotNWk