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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Switch isn't just for core gamers

All gaming devices are for gamers lol.

Those games are just bate you through out to catch that fish you do once in a blue moon. Extra revenue that you don't care if they buy anymore games or not as you already sold the console for a profit.

Those kind of games would not exist if you sold a console at a loss to try and get more out there to gamers so more games sell.



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No way, Sherlock. Differences with the Wii is that no one feels alienated by the presence of these casual experiences (except SMP since it got back to it's roots) cuz Nintendo hasn't over populated it's librairy with these kind of games and a simple look to 2019's lineup is all you need to wash away these insecurities of yours.

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I haven't seen a console created only for "core" gamers... ever.

No one manufactures a device in a multi-billion dollar industry with the intention of only catering to the "core" of the audience. Everyone always wants to branch out and reach a new audience and bring in new consumers.

Nice opinion though... I guess?

Who said it is only for core gamers? Most people would say the opposite of what uou claim, and the truth is that it is for both.

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Well, Nintendo has always tried to reach both core gamers and the mass market. It just didn't have an actual strategy on how to approach casual gamers before the Wii and DS. With the Switch they found a decent balance, as you wrote in the OP. What I don't get is why people think so lowly of the Wii. The Wii had lots of games hardcore gamers could enjoy, certainly as much as the Wii U. The "Wii is only for non-gamers" mantra originated from people who didn't buy Nintendo products in the first place and from viral marketing. But anyways, Nintendo certainly wants the Switch to appeal to a broader audience - you can't get to over 90 million units sold by only addressing the hardcore gamers. And Nintendo wouldn't want their business to shrink from the Wii U and 3DS generation.