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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How Crash Team Racing beat Mario Kart at its own game

Miyamotoo said:
Sahib said:

You clearly missed the “critically acclaimed blockbusters” part, I’m sure there’s devs out there who’ve tried their hands at many different genres, especially back in the day when it took only a couple months to make a game. Point is none of them put out 90+ rated titles in so many different genres and set sales records on top of it.

No I am not, most of game that I mentioned are critically acclaimed games and "90+ rated titlesPerfect Dark is 97 rated title, GoldenEye 007 is 96 rated title, Banjo Kazooie is 92 rated title, Conker's Bad Fur Day is 92 rated title, Donkey Kong 64 is 92 rated title, Blast Corps is 92 rated title, and we talking about games for just one platform. In another hand, Naughty Dog in 4 generations has only 3 IPs with 90+ metascore, Jak and Dexter, Uncharted and Last of Us.

Rare in both the snes and n64 eras was more efficient than nintendo on its own consoles. In fact, it was more on nintendo 64. But the DKC was the big turnround in the snes generation, criticaly aclaimed and sales wise.