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Forums - Sony Discussion - psmini, one of the biggest fails of the year

Mr Puggsly said:
KratosLives said:
Don't get the hate. It's a collectors item, a nostalgic gift. Its not meant for someone to be played for hrs on end, More the experience of reliving the past , maybe with friends of that era, and have that good feeling for a while. Even if only for a day or 2 before being stored away on display as a piece of history more or less. I look on youtube and people are actually complaining about graphics and frame rates and performances compared to the originals.. like really?.. the games have aged bad regardless, that's not the point of it.

The fuck is this? These are supposed to be like 20 classic games worth revisiting. That could take a couple hundred hours to really play everything. A good number of hours even if you just focus on games that personally appeal to you.

This is emulation, that means the potential to make simple improvmens to graphics and performance exist as well. I mean look PS2 emulation on PS4, OG Xbox emulation on a X1. You actually get improved resolutions, performance, so its a better way to experience those classic (still enjoyable) games.

We can excuse the PS Mini does nothing to improve resolutions, even if it could be easily done. We can even excuse the library selected is underwhelming, its missing notable content that should have be easy to acquire. But the performance should be better than native hardware, not worse! The games are slower, there is some emulation bugs, the sound isn't quite right, its just a half assed job. Its a terrible tribute to the PS1 and wasted fan service. Releasing a bad product just feels like a cash grab, they did a bad job but they wanted the holiday money.

Nintendo did a better job with the NES mini and SNES mini. They did at a lower price, the emulation is better, you get more games and they did a better job selecting the definitive titles of those platforms. It doesn't take high end specs to emulate PS1 either, I have low end Android phones that do it better than the PS1 mini. Sony dropped the ball and they deserve the criticism. That's how you get them to not do this shit again.

Pretty much summarizes what is acceptable and not.

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