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Forums - Website Topics - Classic Blue Theme Available To Supporters

kirby007 said:
Walls are so nice in blue

Next up - I need to focus on the Articles, as I completely overlooked that section. It has a completely DIFFERENT header than both the main website and profile pages, which is the FIRST thing I'm dumping!! And then I need to "Dark" and "Blue" the news section...  


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TalonMan said:
RaptorChrist said:

I went to the "My Profile" page but I don't see the option. I'm bad at internets.

Edit: Found it, and the dark theme is glorious. I have a bad sensitivity to bright lights and looking at a white screen can be painful at times, so this is perfect. It'd be cool if the TinyMCE editor has a dark theme as well so we can have that option when editing posts, too.

Ask and ye shall receive - I updated the skin for the editor, as well as the background in the editing area...  ("dark mode" only)

Wow! I noticed the change a little bit ago and had to come back to find my post, as I wasn't sure if it was implemented because of my suggestion. That's really cool guys, thanks!

Looks good. Reminds me of like the old windows UI

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