Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The reason the switch is barely starting and sales will explode next few years +250m LTD

I really need to start looking at dates before I get too deep into threads.

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Ka-pi96 said:
kirby007 said:

LMAO weak, just go big dick like me and say you improved your spelling

Is that why you make so many mistakes? So you have an excuse to go back and edit old posts with new information?

slander i don't edit old posts to gloat i merely bump em

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Is this a bet topic? I'll be happy to see someone lose because i remember i thought wii u was gonna sell around 100mil :)... sorry

160rmf said:
Pyro as Bill said:
Switch has already matched Wii and DS's 10M+ sellers with ~10 released/announced (BoTW, MK8D, Spla2n, Odyssey, Mario Party, PokLG, Smash, NSMBD, Pokemon-main, AnimalCrossing)
They have another easy ~7 in the bag (SMB6, Kart9, 2 more Pokemons, Switch Sports, BoTW2, Odyssey2).

Do people seriously think a record breaking 15-20 x 10M+ sellers are all gonna squeeze onto a 70-80M install base?

That's pretty funny.

Indeed. So ironic people coming to laugh at this prediction and drop more joke material

Joke material about 10 million plus sellers?   I'm counting 9 so far with surely another 3-4 to come.

or where you talking about lifetime system sales?

or were you laughing at both?