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HoangNhatAnh said:
DélioPT said:

For the life of me i can't remembre what remastered Zelda game came out this year...

2019: agreed! It can be a more artistic game, btw.
2020: I can live with that
2021: Spin-off: Zelda inspired game (no, not the CDi games!)
2022: mainline game (it's 4 years after BOTW, i think it's enough time if they re-use the same engine)
2023: either a RPG or a remaster of an old handheld game (like the Pokémon Let's Go Switch game)

This is just an example. 2021: a spin off with multiplayer feature like Tri Force Heroes. Let Go isn't just a remaster, it's a full remake. 2022: mainline game only if they reuse the same engine, if they built a new engine then not sure it will take only 4 years.

Sorry, i meant remake, not remaster. I keep using remaster as an equal to remake.

Yes, a mainline game by 2022 will most likely use the same engine. 
But, it's not impossible for them to do something new. BoTW took so much time because of the transition to HD development (NMSBU took 3 years to develop!).

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Let's see...another 3D zelda, a 2D zelda, port of skyward sword, HD Wind Waker, that handles the next four years right there if they do those, so yeah when you consider ports, spinoffs, etc along with new games one game a year is not overwhelming.

If they're mostly spin-offs, I'm just okay with that. Yearly mainline titles would sound rather terrible.



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