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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Anyone else feel resolution is overrated?


I prefer...

Resolution over detail/effects 23 26.14%
Detail/effects over resolution 65 73.86%
SvennoJ said:

When a game is in motion it doesn't matter as much. Native resolution is more important for text, hud elements and inventory screens. 2D games also look better at native display resolution. 3D games have so many after effects that it doesn't really matter. Pop up, LOD changes and wonky shadows stand out a lot more.

Anyone know why games avoid stretching shadows? I noticed in RDR2 while making timelapse videos that shadows only stretch to a certain point then stay the same length while the sun goes further down. You don't see this in games

It will require better lighting and reaction to lighting. Right now, it’s easier to handle it the way they currently do.


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curl-6 said:
Mr Puggsly said:

Dead Rising 3 and Ghosts were just poor optimization of launch X1 content. Theu didnt benefit from 720p, thats just what those developers could do with the new specs at the time and probably in a short development period. Watch Dogs also seems to be poor optimization but it atleast looks considerably better than Dead Rising 3.

I'm reluctant to say AC games are benefitting from the low resolution. I mean AC:Syndicate looked great and had a crisp picture at 900p locked. While AC Origins and Odyssey are pushing higher quality visuals we also get more visual problems that can be jarring. It again feels like these games are being built for the mid gen upgrades.

Games like Quantum Break, Wolfenstein II, Battlefront 1 and 2, and Doom 2016 benefit from it, in my view anyway, I think they look really good as they are.

And AC Odyssey looks significantly better than Syndicate to my eyes, lighting, effects and environments are notably improved. With the base hardware remaining static but graphics continuously advancing, that extra wiggle room had to come from somewhere, hence the lower res.

Wolfenstein II is really blurry, sometimes they make an image unusually soft with the post processing effects I feel. I got the same vibe from CoD:WWII. I like the presentation of BFV in comparison which looks more crisp even if its dropping to 720p as well. EA just does the best job making exceptional looking games at 60 fps.

I haven't spent a much time with Odyssey yet, the graphics in the prologue looked amazing. But once you get dropped into the real game, you get less impressive assets and visual quirks.

I get what the developers are thinking though. They want to push visuals which looks especially great on the PC, X1X, and Pro. Meanwhile base console games are showing compromises and less polish in my opinion. More so on the base X1 of course given it has less GPU power.

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