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Is Halo:MCC better than Super Mario All-Stars?!

Absolutely 13 50.00%
Ofcourse 0 0.00%
Clearly 1 3.85%
Without objection 1 3.85%
Agreed 2 7.69%
Objectively 5 19.23%
Easily 0 0.00%
Sure 2 7.69%
Without question 0 0.00%
Well... yeah. 2 7.69%
Mr Puggsly said:

Halo 4's missions were more linear, but it still has some large open areas kinda like previous Halo games. The engine was capable, the game just wasn't designed the same.

Halo 3 wasn't exactly polished. I mean it does hold up pretty well, good lighting and great use of color. But its lower resolution than most games on 360 and the character assets never looked great. It has a good art style and if they ever remaster the visuals I hope they don't go too crazy with changes.

Halo Reach is a fun game, arguably the best paced game in the series. That's why I want a X1 port on MCC, it will be even more awesome.

Halo 3's HDR lighting at the time was actually pretty fantastic... Outside of a few titles on PC (I.E. FarCry) it was difficult to find a game with better lighting.

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