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Forums - Gaming Discussion - 2 SKUs for Next Gen Launch Consoles?


Which SKU would you buy?

2TB Disc Drive SKU $499 14 46.67%
1TB NO Disc drive SKU $399 9 30.00%
Neither 7 23.33%

The recent cartridge post got me thinking, even though it looks to be about another SNY product instead. If PS did go back to carts, aside from the extra cost towards each individual game, that could solve some problems and open up doors next gen for them. What if they had a PS5 1080p hybrid SKU, and a PS5 4k home SKU? Forget about HDD's other than maybe for external storage. Have all future games on carts and be fully compatible. This also would give PS a reason to justify dropping 'native' BC for PS5 and just adding PS4 games to the PS Now service. It worked for PS4, just for different reasons. Otherwise an external optical drive would need to be offered, or physical games could be traded in for digital codes and downloaded to the external storage of your choosing.

Have a $199-$299 PS(5) 'Swap' that outputs 1080p/60 when docked. That would definitely mean the hybrid dock would need serious cooling capabilities, or it's own separate GPU (with PSVR built in possibly), which could be sold separate for $100 so the standard 'Swap' handheld was as cheap as possible. Maybe the handheld comes with a 'dummy' dock that allows it to play native 720p/60 upscaled on the TV? PSVR requires the separate additional GPU dock either way. Not too many bells and whistles, mostly gaming focused to keep the base price low.

Then have a $399-$499 PS5 home that outputs 4k/60. No disc drive and no HDD due to carts may be enough to get it to $399 retail. If PSVR is built into the console (assuming it's also built into the $100 'Swap' dock), then it'll probably end up $499.

New PSVR hardware at $299 including new PS Move controllers. Hopefully wireless.

This would allow PS a cheaper SKU (or two considering the boost dock), while having their full 4k powerhouse, and also remaining in the handheld space. They would have a full line up from the start, or earlier on with a pre-announced staggered launch, and could make the VR kit cheaper or have more value depending on their choice of hardware inclusion or continued separation.

*While this would cause some backlash with lack of native BC, it would solve any issues of a cheaper SKU and people wanting the more expensive model instead. If the cheaper model is designed as a hybrid, your no longer just getting a weaker cheaper console, your getting one that can do something the more expensive one can't, so not much reason to complain.

Last edited by EricHiggin - on 27 November 2018