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Forums - Sony Discussion - Why sony is leaving e3 in my opinion

its all about PR.
Sony right now are not in a great position of positive PR with all the censoring, Cross Play name changes etc, not to mention Sony would definitely want to avoid the Negative Back lash they received for e3 2018, considering if they showed the same games at e3 2019 it wont help them at all when Sony prepares for PS5 announcement amidst all the negativity surrounding it.

So the wise thing would let Xbox have the lime light, Use events like VGA to show remaining games off, Invest everything for PS5 announcement at PSX2019 make it a huge.

Same will be true for Xbox Scarlet, it will be teased at E3 2019, Big reveal at X0 2019 in November and launch by march/April just like nintendo Switch

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Immersiveunreality said:
0D0 said:
Many assumptions are not pessimistic enough here..

Let's tell the truth. Sony is closing doors. They realised that they've got no games to show and they're not developing anything. They're clueless like Game of Thrones books author. The PS3 days had destroyed their finances and PS4 wasn't enough to fix.. PS1 classic didn't get the metascore they thought they'd get.. now they're closing doors. PS5 is not coming. PS4 ends production next year.

that's sad guys

and Xbox is gonna defeat Nintendo in the end.

Oh yes i have heard they got George RR Martin employed to write the plots for their games so it still might take a while till we get some !!

if George Martin is alsow working on scripts for Sony presentations, that'd explain everything.

God bless You.

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