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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Should I halt my boycott of Acti-Ubi-EA-nami?


Should I halt my Boycott?

Yes. 9 23.08%
No. 24 61.54%
Other/comments/Indifferent/Middle America... 6 15.38%
John2290 said:
0D0 said:

I agree. I support the idea of boycott. But if you call it boycott and you end up working around it to get the publisher's games, it doesn't feel right in my opinion. It feels a bit like communists going to McDonnald's ordering their food on iPhones. Or communist dictators that hate the West but they end up travelling to an European hospital to get a treatment when they need some capitalist/western fix.

As long as my money doesn't go to them, it works. 

When you buy a game brand new from the store, your money doesn't go to them either. It goes to the store who have already paid for the game.

So whats the difference?

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John2290 said:
Ganoncrotch said:

Pretty much exactly this, if a company does something and creates a game you would enjoy playing but you still don't buy it then you're voting with your wallet, you're telling them that the step they've made to please you still isn't enough to get you as a customer, at a point they'll stop giving a crap about pleasing individuals who just blanket wont buy their stuff and instead chuck in another 50e microtransaction skin to cover the short fall of you not buying the game.


Vote with your wallet... tell them when they do good by you... a voter who always votes no ... I mean... what are companies to do to win you over? you're putting your one vote on top of a mountain making it impossible for them to even bother about anymore, they'll just ignore you and go to greener pastures.

I'll be happy to hop bavk aboard and buy thier games day one but none of them are changing and some are getting worse. I am voting with my wallet here, the only thing I've seen that is remotely good is Yarnie and a way out both of which I would have bought had they appealed to be. There actually is one game from all the companies that I may buy digitally because it's done well and that is Transference for VR which is tied to Ubisoft. I'm not boycotting out of spite here, I'm hoping for change. 

Looks to me that you already had your mind set.  In which case, why did you bother asking?

Errorist76 said:

Imho Ubisoft has long redeemed themselves.

Can’t share your resentment about Darksiders 3.. Other than it somehow looks uninspired and is not developed by the same team.

In general I’d differentiate more on a game by game basis. If it contains intrusive MTXs, don’t buy, but I see no reason to not buy Sekiro, just because it’s published by Activision.

The old team does not exist anymore and the new team is composed of a lot of the old developers and even the creator of Vigil to begin with.

Look the new trailers it looks like a real darksiders 3 :)

John2290 said:
Vodacixi said:
Darksiders III is coming... too soon? It's been 6 years since Darksiders II xD


Ultr said:

I'm definately gonna get Spyro, next year.

This. And I would argue that Darksiders is unique enough to not be more of the same.


oh and yeah. Second hand games if you dont want to support them.

No. It's too close to it's genre peers with GoW absolutely obliterating the landscape for hack and slash even if DS's is more level, platforming and puzzle based, it's got too big a gap that I think it can fill. I am still mildly interested but the reviews will have to be pretty glowing and from what I've seen I'm really hopibg those earth like levels aren't in it for long. Just cause is what is too soon, way too soon, they need to hold off on these games, as they were doing to once a generation. 

With this mindset you would have to skip on a lot of games just because they are close to something, even though they are completely different. It feels like you just want to justify to buy games again from the other publishers :P

You are only hurting yourself by boycotting their games.

They couldn't care less about 1 lost sale.

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Nah hold firm. I'm sure they have noticed your boycott and are ready to give in to your demands any day now.

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Baddman said:
boycotts are stupid..why aren't you boycotting take two also?

How are boycotts stupid? Everyone should boycott companies that act morally irresponsibly. That’s what a decent human being should do, or nothing will ever change. I surely won’t buy anything from Nestlé ever again. If video game companies fall under the same category is a different question though.