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Jaxyfoo said:
I think supermassives problem lately, is they don't have trust that people can play VR games in a normal way. They design things to be slow, have limited movement, too much hand holding and under developed freedom of movement.

I hope they come around to the way things like resident evil 7, Skyrim and farpoint bring, otherwise they will leave themselves behind as a VR developer.

VR is a good thing when done well, as in "Resident Evil 7", "Astro Bot" and "Summer Lesson".

But I personally dont need VR, I enjoy my games without.

The Last of Us 2, so beautiful <3

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forevercloud3000 said:
They have lately been pulling a Telltales and Platinum Games. First few games hits critical success (Walking Dead, Vanquish, Until Dawn) and they then decide to get a ton of deals with various publishers that spreads them way too thin. Not Good.

I LOVE Until Dawn, I like The Inpatient, Hidden Agendas and Rush of Blood. Their VR shooter was trash and I am questioning the quality of this new Dark Chronicles of which I will be giving a shot. Nothing since Until Dawn has had that same layer of depth and presence, all have been smaller shorter experiences. UD crafted a very good tale of characters to hate (Fuck Emily) and love (everyone else). I need their next endeavor to be on that same level.

And as far as what they should be working on, Until Dawn 2 is a must. I want the surviving until morning to be the main goal of UD Anthology, but their stories be mostly separate. Would not be opposed to a AHS scenario where the cast is reused to some degree as different characters. Albeit most of the cast is very typecast in certain roles.

The Death of Telltales might leave a vacuum for Supermassive to corner this Genre of game. Just please god don't try and do annual releases :P

I agree with nearly every single thing you said, good sir. Except I haven’t played Rush of Blood (yet), The Inpatient, or Hidden Agenda.

Until dawn was such a nice surprise. I never expected to like it as much as I did. I’m really excited for what Supermassive comes out with next, but I have the same concerns that they’re spreading themselves too thin and thus sacrificing quality.

Hidden Agenda was wonderful, at least to me (a lot of reviewers didn't click with it).