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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo wins 12 mil from loveroms in lawsuit

Their legal right to do this so can't really give them much flak personally for it

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Nintendo does own the rights to the IPs. And they have every legal right to get ROM sharing taken down. But what good does it do to sue a couple for $12 million? If they keep going after people, they will find it is a fruitless battle. If they actually had a proper and better than ever Virtual Console on Switch, piracy might decrease.

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pokoko said:
Mandalore76 said:

Are you purposely ignoring the point that someone took a shortcut in life to profit off of someone else's property and got caught?  When you use someone else's property to try and make a profit for yourself, the repercussions of getting caught are yours to deal with.  No reason to lament that.

I ignored your post because you're purposefully exaggerating in order to make an argument.  You want to have a discussion about what actually happened?  Don't exaggerate and then act like people are avoiding the point.

We aren't talking about stealing and selling cars.  If they did that, they'd be in jail on criminal charges, not in a civil lawsuit.

We aren't talking about robbing banks.  If they did that, they'd be in jail on a long list of criminal charges and likely incarcerated for a very long time.

As far as your point, I see no problem with questioning the severity of any repercussions and whether or not they fit the crime.  

I responded to an exaggeration with an exaggeration.

pokoko said:   The point is really to send a message that they are willing to destroy someone's life over this.  

Tell me exactly how Nintendo destroyed someone's life by suing a website that was illegally distributing their ip.  Because I suspect that you don't know the couple personally, their financial situation, the actual amount that will be paid in the settlement, what they will be doing in the future, etc.