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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Top 25 companies by gaming revenue (up to june 2018)

EricHiggin said:

Nintendo hasn't made a single good AAA game this year. Last year they made 2. I don't think they are nearly as good as you make them to be. Still better than EA which unlike what you said doesn't make many games indie and AAA, they mostly just have sports games and some shooter.

That's the point. Nin doesn't take the exact same series and call each iteration of it a different name and sell it year after year. (They do use the same characters in different games, and they do port old games and make money off them from time to time as well). EA likes to basically change the name every year or two, and sell it again with minor overall changes. People tend to like EA's approach, since they get more of the same more often, even if the games are fairly broken for some time. You've even got Activision above EA with their yearly rehashed franchises.

The AAA titles remark was just to back up the people preferring quantity point. Would most people say they would prefer only 5 unique high quality games like RDR2 and GOW each year and that's it, or would they prefer all the gaming variation they have to choose from now, good and bad?

I rather have options, even more because it still haves the 5 very great games.

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