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Forums - Sales Discussion - NPD: Top 10 LTD sold on PlayStation Vita

Alkibiádēs said:
Noobie said:

From ZhugeEx on Era

If you want to know how poor Vita sales were. 

Unit 13 is just over 200k and Uncharted is barely over 400k.

Yikes. And we're supposed to believe that the Vita sold over 16M units?

Yeah... Playstation Vita sold more Hardware in its first 2 or 3 months than its top selling game. (wiithout bundles)

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Stuart23 said:
Wait, so this means Call of Duty Black Ops is overtracked here? VgChartz's NA sales of Black Ops is way above Uncharted. I know this doesn't include bundles and Black Ops did indeed got one (Not sure about Uncharted), but I doubt it would make up for the 200k extra...

The title to this thread is kind of misleading because it's not ranked by units sales, it's ranked by dollar sales. Both Uncharted and Black Ops started at $50 but more than likely Blacks Ops was heavily discounted sooner than Uncharted which means it could have sold more units but didn't sell more in dollars. So factoring that and the bundles would probably push Black Ops over Uncharted handily. Not saying VGC's tracking is correct mind you. 

I really wish he gave us a list by units because at this point who cares which Vita game made more money I just want to know which one people played more. I'd have a feeling P4G would be much higher considering it sold at $20 most of it's life.

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