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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Favourite Game Developer Tournament - Round 6


Favourite Game Developer Tournament - Round 6

Rockstar North 274 37.33%
Bandai Namco 112 15.26%
Game Freak 170 23.16%
Ubisoft Montreal 54 7.36%
Rocksteady Studios 33 4.50%
Irrational Games/2K Boston 25 3.41%
Neversoft 6 0.82%
Clover Studio 16 2.18%
Crystal Dynamics 23 3.13%
Ready at Dawn 21 2.86%

Love Clover and Game Freak but, have to go with Bamco here.

Fond memories with some Tekken, Pac-Man and Soul Calibur games. Their work with Nintendo in Smash Bros, developed Star Fox Assault and some smaller assistance in titles like ARMS and Xenoblade 2. Also other games like Baten Kaitos which I am also very fond of.

Above all of that, my favorite RPG series, Tales of.

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Dr.Vita said:
Coudn't decide between Rockstar North and Bandai Namco. In the end I went with Bandai Namco but Rockstar Games deserves the win too.

Why does Game Freak have so many votes? :/

They unleashed this monster upon the world:

omarct said:
Gamefreak and Rockstar have been regurgitating the same game for like 2 decades now. But at least Rockstar has tried to mix up the formula with RDR and I have more hope for a new IP from them than I do for gamefreak.

Not to take away your opinion, you can like whichever company you like, but actually Gamefreak does more often try new IPs than Rockstar. Gamefreak created HarmoKnight in 2012, Pocket Card Jockey in 2013, Tembo the badass Elephant in 2015, Giga Wreckers in 2017 and will release Town probably next year. So they regularly trying something new.

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