Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct - 11.1.2018

What do you wanna see the most?

New characters! 13 25.00%
New stages! 0 0.00%
New items/assist trophies! 0 0.00%
New game modes! 7 13.46%
More info about single player/spirits! 25 48.08%
More info about online! 3 5.77%
More info about game mechanics! 0 0.00%
New music! 0 0.00%
ew smash 3 5.77%
Other 1 1.92%
Runa216 said:
Well, as is par for the course, I was actually really happy with this direct aside from a few omissions...until I came to this dour, cynical, entitled board. I see a whole lot more complaining and whining and bitching and moaning about missing fighters or your waifus being assist trophies instead of fighters or something.

In my opinion Smash is worth the price as a music player alone. This game contains so great and defining music tracks from gaming history, I will listen to it for hours, then doing other stuff.

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