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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony ramping up censoring of Japanese games, now forcing all Japanese games to go through Western content inspections

Faelco said:
Stefan.De.Machtige said:

No one who even casually reads about what laws or attitudes pass in CL these day should be surprised.

Let's pray that Nintendo never moves their headquarters from Tokio .

Nintendo is in Kyoto :P

Lol. I knew it was one of the two but didn't have time to make sure during work .

As long as their headquarters don't leave Japan .

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Aura7541 said:

The Switch version of Nekopara Vol.1 is rated M per Nintendo's website. Meanwhile, the PS4 version is rated E per the ESRB's site. You gotta wonder how much did Sony make the developers gut the PS4 version for it to go down not just one tier in the ESRB ratings, but two... I didn't expect Sony to pull something more comical than the white rays of light in Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart.

That is 3 tiers actually, not 2:


Sony most have gutted the hell out of it. 

outlawauron said:
0D0 said:

You know, PC is more like old west while consoles have more standard stuff. I usually see much more hentai games for PC than for consoles.

You say Japanese games that will only ever be released in Japan. Fair enough then. I thought they were censoring Japanese games for western releases.

That is true, there is more quantity on PC than consoles, but that doesn't stop them from making more money on console. They finish the real (often adult) version on PC to sell at Comiket or other fan events and then port an all ages version to consoles. That's how the market has been done for 20 years.

and yeah, that is the topic. SIE (sony games HQ in California) is forcing Japanese developers to go through an approval process entirely in English for their game to release in Japan.

Yeah, it's kinda nonsense because Sony must have some people to do that locally in Japan. I only guess that since Japan is getting smaller regarding game market and hentai-ish games are even smaller piece of the pie, maybe for Sony is just not worth it to keep the efforts in Japan to process these sort of games.

I don't think they will treat all Japanese devs like this, though. This must be a minority of devs from a minority market from a minority slice of rated games.

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Wrong post.

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So, it appears that due to the new Sony policy, Xseed had to pay to get Senran Kagura Burst Renewal re-rated by the ESRB after Sony forced additional changes on the game after the ESRB had already rated it. Sony's relationship with these devs is going to degrade rapidly at this rate.