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Forums - Politics Discussion - Pipe Bombs Sent to Prominant US Political Figures

o_O.Q said:

"I repeated that comment, in quotation, because it somehow escaped you that he was saying that what influential leaders/people in power say have massive consequences."

he was speaking about trump's influence on right wingers

my point is that its a stupid argument because the left has been more violent and disruptive for the past few years

Let's not pass off un-qunatifiable claims as if they're fact. Unless you have all the statistics of every violent act from a nazi or KKK member readily available for comparison to reach such a conclusion.
That what massively influential people say have consequences is a valid point. I don't think any other politicians have endorsed physical violence. And it's not something you normally see in civilized or non-authoritarian nations. All the targets  of these bombs so far were people a certain person hates. Although we don't know at this point, it certainly wouldn't be surprising if this person's comments inspired this terrorist.

o_O.Q said:
pushing the idea that people need to be in power to have an influence or for their actions to matter is ridiculous

I don't think anyone said that. I even distinguished between influential leaders and people in power.
But you can't compare the influence of a group like that, that I and many other people had never even heard of before last year, to authority figures in powerful political positions.

o_O.Q said:
who then is influencing the leftists like antifa? who is influencing these people to attack people, block roads etc etc etc?

I don't know why you're asking me that. Organized groups have common goals that their members can share on their websites.
If there's any specific comment from a specific influential figure from outside the group that has, or was intended to, lead to a specific act of violence, then I don't know of it.

o_O.Q said: 

citation please 

not with regards to threats those have been a thing for decades especially with the news media lying to push wars in other regions

I'm not aware of any death threats aimed at news media in the past in reference to something a president has said.
And I was referring the Maryland Capital Gazette shooting, that killed 5 people.
I don't believe there have been other shootings aimed at news publications in the United States before.

Anyway, I only wanted to point out that you responded to a comment about the consequences of what people in position of power say, by referencing a group not in power.
There was no need to go off a tangent like this. Even after you were fairly rude to me, with terms like "retarded" and "are you f**ng serious", and a very inaccurate analogy, I still fairly politely tried to explain what you still didn't seem to understand regarding the point of the original person you replied to. But now, I'm sure you do understand his point. So if you want to discuss this further, you can PM me. No need to dive further into that here. 

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This is full blown terrorism. Likely domestic, too.
When it was 'just' George Soros it barely made waves in the news cicle, but this is turning out to be a much larger scale attack.
I really hope no one gets hurt due to this. I'd be terrified right now to be a member of any kind of postal service with live bombs being shipped around the country.


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