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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Switch port of Xenoblade Chronicles X currently NOT in development

fatslob-:O said:
Nintendo doesn't see a commercial advantage in porting XCX so they'll remain that way and Nintendo are the type of company today that couldn't give a shit about preservation too ...

Not like we would want to preserve bad games such as Christmas Carol on the NES but yeah, sure.

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Barkley said:
Shame, never played that either. Is it recommended to play xenoblade on the Wii and the wiiu before playing xbc2? I might just play the one on switch and not bother if it doesn't matter too much.

Basically reiterating what the others have said, but I'll add that there is a link between XC1 (Wii) and XC2. It's not revealed until the last 1-2 hours of the game though, so the games themselves are essentially self-contained, just that there's a scene towards the end that will have more impact as a fan if you've played the Wii game. If you don't care much, you can't go wrong with starting with XC2 though.

I never finished XCX (Wii U), but my understanding from the ~60 hours I played and from what I've read is that the story has no definitive connection to the other two, so it can treated as a separate story entirely that can be played in any order.

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Well thanks everyone, I guess I can skip X which is handy as I don't have my WiiU anymore, but I might play the Wii one before XC2. Shame I have an old 3ds.