Forums - Gaming Discussion - POLL: Will you be changing your PSN ID

Will you be changing you PSN ID

Yes 7 12.73%
No 38 69.09%
Undecided 10 18.18%

Maybe. Depends on the character limit/special character that can be used.

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Nope, I already have the best username in the world :)

I enjoy my name. It's simple, doesn't confuse anyone, and it's not edgy.

Though there is a kid out there with a similar username whose high school buddies occasionally accidentally send me friend requests.

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...even though I do not use that nickname anywhere else at all.

You know, the decision to add "ator" to the end of my normal online name due to someone else taking it has always bothered me and has been a source of regret. However, not that I will have the option, I feel like the name Shikenator has grown on me a bit. I honestly am undecided on the matter lol.

The fact that many older games will be unaffected does not give me much motivation to mess with it either TBH.

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