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Forums - Gaming Discussion - AC Odyssey has biggest launch for the series so far this generation

This game is soo good.

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I am not buying it

I'll get it but i still haven't played origins and I just platinumed syndicate. Origins will probably be 20 euro on sale this holiday but because I only just finished syndicate I'll likely wait until a sale next year and hopefully get it for cheaper or the complete edition for 20 euro. Odyssey I'm looking forward to but chances are it will be 2 years at least until I play it.

Heavenly_King said:
I am not buying it

It's very good. My favorite AC and a goty contender. 

my friends have it, and love it. going to get the rdr2 out of my system first before i buy it. im already feeling overwhelmed with what i am playing now, and so much is still on the way. great year for video games, really loving it.