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Forums - Gaming Discussion - how big is your excitement for FFVII Remake after 3 years of announcement?

it has another 10 years, and it will be next, next generation of consoles. until its out i have 0 interest, no faith in square devs.


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This thread made me want to do a new play through of FF7 lol.....

Bigger than yours!

Hunting Season is done...

They should have waited until the game was closer to completion before announcing it, in my opinion. I've lost faith in Square's ability to follow through with commitments. By the time their games do release, they are well-polished, etcetera, but I can't get hyped for something that may not see the light of day (at least not from Square).

I agree with the general consensus, they announced it way too early. It probably won't even release on PS4.

With that said, the original lost a lot of its charm with me because I played it in 2015. I can wait a little longer.