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Forums - Gaming Discussion - New AAA Harry Potter Game Seemingly Leaked

Omg that looks great, I hope it ends up being good.

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I was just thinking not too long ago that a major, console, Harry Potter game has the potential to be amazing... Damn, talk about a coincidence. Hopefully it turns out great.

Yeah, this definitely needs to happen. The HP universe has a lot of potential in the video-gaming medium, it just needs to be handled by the right people.

I saw the gameplay video yesterday and it was quite impressive. I hope is not a cancelled game, though.

Mar1217 said:
irstupid said:

The Youtube clip I clicked on said WB blocked it, so I haven't gotten to see what it looks like.

But the Harry Potter world has huge potential, imo, so the idea of an Open World game where you create a character sounds promising to me.

At least make the story written by JK Rowling and that'll be a good starting point.

I'd argue that she needs to be as far away from any new Harry Potter things as she keeps making things worse for her stories lol

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