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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Predictions: Which game of Q4 2018 will disappoint the most?

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Cant believe no one is mentioning JC4... but I suspect thats because everyone has forgotten its coming out :D

I hope hitman does ok now its an independent studio

Making an indie game : Dead of Day!

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Revisiting this thread.

The top two predictions certainly are a story in themselves, one has proven skeptics wrong the other has turned out how skeptics thought.

quickrick said:
OTBWY said:

I know these two will dissapoint a lot of folks from a certain camp. That greatness awaits one.

It honestly not about camp, its just nothing about both games look epic, pokemon looks a dumbed down version of old games,and smash just looks like a ultimate version of brawl, after playing and seeing spiderman, GOW, and those games look boring to me, unlike zelda and mario from last year which looked epic.

I don't think this is going to go well for you either. Whoops.

overall I think the people here did a decent job with their predictions tbh.