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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How Sony became king of consoles again

And "Nintendo's mistakes, starting back as far as 1988, were the catalyst for Playstation's emergence and eventual domination." as open as it is, implies that Nintendo have been making mistakes and fuck ups as far as 30 years continuously.

I said "were the catalyst" which denotes occurrence in the past. You're trying to twist what I said into "have been making mistakes" which denotes past and present time, which isn't what I said at all. You're choosing to define what I said as "30 years of fuck ups" to fit your "Sony doesn't get enough cred" narrative. 

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DonFerrari said:
Kerotan said:

Oh that move was beautiful 

No, it was just dumb luck or Sony had privileged information (that the RAM manufacturer didn't) about those memories being affordable enough to double the amount. Sony 3 uncontested wins were all dumb luck, competitors fuck ups, risk free occurrences that always happen with only Sony. When they weren't luck they lost.

LMFAO. I guess we were all wrong. Sony just stumbled into the console market and took over it by pure pot luck xD

PortisheadBiscuit said:
DonFerrari said:

Sure sure, I'm the one that likes to take all merit of Sony winning 3 of 4 gen and putting it all as other console makers fault.

Yes in your own head, because I never said that. You seem to be on a mission in this thread of accusing people of stealing Sony's merit. There are catalysts which occurred that assisted Sony in getting to the top. No one is saying they didnt play their cards right or put in work to get to the top, at least that's not what I'm getting at. 

Exactly. I don’t think anyone was saying they put in zero work or didn’t get success on their own merit. The victim card game is getting strong in this thread.