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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Petition against Nintendo Switch Online Service

noname2200 said:
Lesianimanalo said:
No matter what Nintendo does its fans will always buy their products.

Based on the Wii U, either this is untrue, or there aren't many Nintendo fans out there.

i think those are the so called "sheeps".

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Petitions may be noble but do little to affect change. If you really want to move Nintendo buy thousands of their shares. Then they will listen to you.

46 entitleds out of 100 requested have signed.

Massimus - "Trump already has democrat support."

Goodlord a petition...seriously?? Just pay the damn $20 a year! That's $1.67/month. Seriously get over it. Get get online play, cloud saves, and full access to their new version of the VC with online capabilities even added to the VC games. That's a great deal. Sure Nintendo's Online isn't as good as Sony and Microsoft's, but it is also a third of the price. The amount of complaining over an online service that costs only $20 for an entire year is just crazy. Yes Nintendo online used to be free, now it costs money just like both of Nintendo's competitors. If you really think cloud saves are such an important thing (I personally could care less about them and had never even heard of cloud saves until people starting complaining about this) then just spend the very little money that Nintendo asks of you in order to get it plus all the other online stuff.