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Forums - Politics Discussion - What if Nintendo/Microsoft/Sony went political and catered to SJW ?

Cubedramirez said:
Actually already happening on the Sony front. I felt the end product of HZD really suffered from what I felt was some really 'woke' script writing. It made the game feel really, bizarre.

When I first started playing the game I really questioned why each of the tribes were so diverse in ethnicity. For what I was imagining I found it very improbable. Yet the game does explain such things. When they were planning the reseeding process of the population they debated on how to do it. They figured that giving humanity a chance to not let skin color be a divider was the best option, so each one of the nursery awoke to a multicolor of people from the start.




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forevercloud3000 said:
The number of these types of Threads in every forum is strange....

To answer the question I think we first have to realize that Video Games, just like Movies, TV, and Comic Books have always been very political. There was WWII propaganda riddled in Comic Books at the time, and it too was accused of brainwashing youth into hippie pacifist culture. The Rise of Black TV Shows like The Cosby's was vital to helping people in america see that Blacks were harmless. The rise of gay characters in all forms of media is something that has been being seeded for over 40 years.

So when looking at gaming now, strong female leads as far as the eyes can see, the reduction of the sexualization of women and the toning down of what could be considered toxic masculinity.....this was a long time coming. There is no sacred cow that cannot be touched on the path to equality for all.

So in essence, no I wouldn't necessarily stop gaming due to SJW agendas because its not something that just started nor is it something to completely shun. As long as the quality of the gameplay and storytelling is there I am fine. There are just so many great examples of great use of this "agenda".
-Nadine and Chloe in UC Lost Legacy, a bad ass Black Woman with her own goals and can defend herself. Chloe so witty and confidant.
-Ellie in The Last of Us being the tough little girl, the anti-escort mission sidekick. She's dirty, and rough, not sexualized even after she is revealed to be a lesbian
-Return of Lara Croft
-The Dragon Age series never disappoints with it's real world inspired allegory but in fantasy dressing. The Mage plight is very identifiable for this reason.
-Alloy in Horizon is so goal focused she doesn't even notice when fello characters are hitting on her. Completely not in the male gaze.
-Rockstar boldly naming GTAIV DLC "The Ballad of Gay Tony" which caught such a mixed ire on the name alone its funny. In a game where kids kill hookers and mass murder.....some parents had an issue with THIS particular DLC .

I would also note that the rise in games that push forth this kind of concept are not all that abundant. They are apart of large franchises now with large backing which gives them more presence than they really have. Majority of games still sport Hyper masculine gruff male characters. That is likely to never change. I don't think there is necessarily anything wrong with the way games were for the last 20 years, but now developers are trying something different. Are majority of gamers male because thats just who are attracted to games?....or is it because women aren't getting the representation they desire to become gamers? The Wii and Phone games market showed developers that there was untapped potential with aiming for women gamers.

EEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeer before Playstation gen most of the chars were animals or couldn't even differentiate the face of the chars. So when Nintendo remade the market with NES they already had made their research and saw that most of the buyers were young males (on a time of Atari genderless games). So sorry, but nope it wasn't something that was made to shun woman or gays from gaming.

Also most of these Wii and phone games aren't even the type of games people would want to play on consoles and devs taking their time from AAA to make them wouldn't really please much of their current userbase and could mean lose profit, but sure if it is one or another those few can find niches to earn more.

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What is people's obsession with SJW's?

It would have to be pretty serious for me (as in major decline in overall game quality) to abandon them.

Seems to be a bit of a redundant topic now. Let's bring this discussion to one of the many SJW threads we have on the site.