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alejollorente10 said:
So, the Megaman 11 PS4 version did not reach the top 100 of Amazon USA. And Capcom thought it was a good idea that in Europe the only digital version was Switch (PS4 and Xbox One are physical). Are you your fool, Capcom? leave digital the version that was going to sell the most.

If anything, the Xbox One version should've been the one that was digital only. Xbox is only relevant in US and UK (maybe Germany) and even in the those territories I can guarantee that the Xbox version will be a big bomba. At least Switch has other reliable markets outside of UK in Europe. I swear some of these Japanese companies must not be doing any market research.

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KH3 deluxe is at 10. KH3 is at 92. 1.5+2.5 (EU) is at 366.

KH3 deluxe (Xbox) is at 142.