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Forums - Politics Discussion - The USA and the paradox of tolerance


What's your opinion on the free speech policy on the USA?

Free speech should be pri... 15 50.00%
Intolerant speech should not be tolerated 15 50.00%

That sounds like you're projecting your ideology on others, bud. Just because a group says they support something or are against something doesn't make it true. It's typically just serves as a cloak. Practically any authoritarian government has republic or democratic in the name of the ruling party or supposed type of government. A large portion of the left don't act or speak in line with their supposed core principles.

You want to limit free speech but yet you want the sitting party in the government of the US removed (when they been accused of being fascists)? What you're saying is asinine. Here's the thing, free speech protects everyone's free speech. If you limit your political opponents speech, you're only giving them the same tools and motivation to use it against you later on when power changes hands. Authoritarianism is idiotic and immoral.