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Hynad said:
SpokenTruth said:

Typically, it's a masculinity issue.  "I'm too manly to play games not specifically targeted at men."  Therefore things targeted toward everybody become inconsistent with their need to maintain that psychology.  They see it as a threat to that masculinity whether they are aware of it or not.  They further distance themselves and reinforce their psychology by mockingly labeling those widely targeted products with anti sentiments.  They see kiddie and girly as the opposite of themselves so it makes them feel better to call it kiddie or girly.

But please read my statement again.  "It will always be kiddie to those who want it to be kiddie because it reinforces their insecurities."  Therefore, no, not everyone who thinks Nintendo has a kiddie image falls under that category.

And those who don’t want to see it as kiddy, but still see it as such?

Your comment makes a rather narrow minded generalisation and doesn’t seem open to different views.

Is it a masculinity issue when women think Nintendo has a kiddy image?

And is calling something kiddy, or (in a broader way) family friendly necessarily a bad thing anyway?

You just totally and completely didn't read my last statement.  Just ignored it like it wasn't even there.  I even BOLDED the most significant part for you.

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I have owned every Nintendo, Sony, MS console ever made except the XB1 and I have never seen Nintendo as "kiddie" I am a Zelda Fan so I usually buy their consoles so I can play the latest Zelda. Nintendo to me has always been the "fun" company. They really know how to create magical all time great games that are a joy to play.